We are currently working on a research and documentation project aiming to create video sketches of sound and movement interaction. The sketches and their accompanying movement score and SuperCollider code will be uploaded here. You can find the source code on GitLab.

The sketches are a response to two simple questions: how do we move the sound, and how does the sound move us? By using the auditory information of the sound and the kinesthetic information of our movements, we produce new movements and new sounds, which in turn produce new auditory and kinesthetic information. So far we have identified three main strategies for this work:

  1. Direct dialogue between sound and movement. Neither dance nor sound are fixed; the composition arises in the moment in a feedback loop between the two.
  2. The sound follows the logic of movements that follow a different set of rules separate from the sound. This could be fixed choreography, involuntary movements or other algorithms.
  3. The movements are used to play an existing sound score, for example by associating a sequence of poses with a sequence of frequencies or samples.

Based on these strategies we are creating a body of sound- and movement sketches. Each sketch will consist of a video link, a movement score, as well as the relevant SuperCollider code.

The project is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council