031 Strange Attractor


First thing is to stop squishing reality into a perspective.
Seeking clarity more than simplicity.
I love you.
Laws of physics out of cube minus tilting angle of the ground multiplied by the last decimal place, equals why we came here today.
Union of the joints in a limited area.
Strange attractor.
Strange attractor plus five.
Why did we come here to create?
To hit.
To create.
Stories of love.

Esimene asi on mitte pigistada reaalsust vaatevinklisse.
Otsida selgust rohkem, kui lihtsust.
Ma armastan sind.
Füüsika seadused kuubist väljas miinus maapinna kaldenurk korrutatud viimase astme komakohaga võrdub, miks me tulime täna siia.
Liigeste kokkutulek väikesel pinnal.
Kummaline ligitõmbaja.
Strange attractor.
Kummaline ligitõmbaja pluss viis.
Miks tulime siia looma?
Lugusid armastusest.

The sound consists of randomly selected snippets of poetry and granulated percussion.

Source Code

Requires KF Supercollider-quarks and movement sensors. We use MiniBees, but with a bit of rewriting the MiniBeeUtils should work with any sensor data. See the full gitlab repo for more details on implementation.