Responsive Body Workshop

The Responsive Body Workshop is for anyone interested in researching movement principles alone as well as with a partner, and who wish to be physically challenged in a playful manner. Previous dance or martial arts experience is not necessary; participants move from the experience of their own body.

We start with simple movements in order to bring attention to functional connections within the body. This gentle beginning allows us to tune into ourselves, get rooted in the present moment, and prepare for more complex tasks. After this we bring up the pulse and introduce more energetic, technically challenging patterns. Our purpose is to find freedom of movement grounded in functional anatomy, and supported by the imagination.

In the second part of the workshop we bring the attention to our senses. With the help of a partner we expand the range of our movement choices, creating physical responses to internal as well as external impulses, and research different ways of creating improvised as well as fixed material in time and space.