12 - Organizational Hygiene

Published on 2020-04-22 by Kenneth Flak

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Before we get to recording sounds we need to invest a little time into our organizational hygiene. Sound projects tend to get quite large, with many different files and versions floating around. If these are scattered around your harddisk in different places it will be very difficult to keep track of them, so it is important to develop good file management habits.

The very first thing we will do is to create one folder for all your Audacity projects. Where you put this is up to you, but make sure it is somewhere easy to find. The way to create a folder is a bit different depending on your operating system, but usually it's a simple question of opening your file manager (Windows Explorer or macOS Finder), right-clicking where you want the folder to be and give it a name. Let's go for the obvious solution right now and call the folder audacity-projects. Go into this folder and create a new folder called sound-workshop. Your folder structure should now look like this:

├── sound-workshop

From now on, the very first thing we will do when starting something new is to save our Audacity-project in the sound-workshop folder.