MiniBee & SuperCollider Tutorials

Currently we are writing code and developing artistic strategies for 100 Sketches. As a part of this we are posting a series of tutorials detailing our work with MiniBee movement sensors and midi controllers.

Separate Configs per Project
Published on August 19, 2019

When working with a lot of different projects with a lot of different settings, it can be useful (and even wise) to maintain different configurations for the different projects. More...

Loading Multiple Buffers
Published on August 3, 2019

One very common way for us to use the MiniBees is by triggering a randomly selected sample from a collection of related sounds. More...

Posture Recognition
Published on August 1, 2019

The MiniBees can be used as a kind of lo-fi posture recognition device by recording their relative positions and then running a comparison routine. More...

Triggering Sounds with Movement Sensors
Published on July 31, 2019

This tutorial presupposes basic knowledge of object-oriented programming and writing classes in SuperCollider. More...