Wild Places : : Mountain



During an extended rehearsal period in the Norwegian mountains, the three performers and the light designer immersed themselves in the highlands, using the experiences of a wild, often brutal nature to inform the work. The piece brings an echo of the mountain to the stage: an extreme no-mans land, a place of harsh beauty and desolation where a human being is completely at the mercy of the forces of nature. This is realized through a complex system of interactive choreography, music, visuals and light. The interactive technology to make this possible is designed by composer Joseph Hyde in close collaboration with the choreographers and light designer Thomas Dotzler.


Choreography: Külli Roosna and Kenneth Flak
Dance: Petras Lisauskas / Thomas Falk, Külli Roosna, Kenneth Flak
Dramaturgical Advice: Thomas Falk
Light Design: Thomas Dotzler
Music: Joseph Hyde
Costume: Asalia Khadjé
Production: Johanna Korgel


Produced by Korzo productions, co-produced by Sõltumatu Tantsu Ühendus

Supported by Norwegian Arts Council, Fund for Sound and Image, The Netherlands Ministry of Culture and Eesti Kultuurkapital

Tour 2015

6-7 February: CaDance Festival, The Hague, The Netherlands
11-12 February: VabaLava Teater, Tallinn, Estonia
13 February: Tartu Uus Teater, Tartu, Estonia
9 April: RAS, Sandnes, Norway
15 October: VabaLava Teater, Tallinn, Estonia
20-21 October: Underhuset, Bærum kulturhus, Norway
5 November: DanseFestival Barents, Hammerfest, Norway
9 November: Lublin Dance Theater, Lublin, Poland