Two Body Orchestra


Photo: Alexander Browne



“Since each of us was several, there was already quite a crowd.”

Two Body Orchestra is a hydrid concert/dance performance, centering around our bodies as multitudes – as networks of organs, impulses, technologies, and fictions – as orchestras in and of themselves.

We blur the distinctions between bodies and technologies to the point where even very subtle movements – breathing, tiny shifts of posture – influence and create the sound space.

We are balancing on the borders of magic and science, leaving a space for intensity, vulnerability and wonder.


Choreography and performance: Külli Roosna and Kenneth Flak
Music: Kenneth Flak in collaboration with Külli Roosna
Light Design: Kenneth Flak
Light Design Consultant: Thomas Dotzler
Technique: Rommi Ruttas
Costume: Ursula Mängel
Video Registration: Laura Lisete Roosaar

Tour list 2020

7-8 October: Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava, Tallinn
10 October: Valguse Festival, Nõo
21 October: Noorte NOTAFE, Viljandi
23-24 October: Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava, Tallinn
7 November: Dansefestival Barents, Hammerfest POSTPONED due to the Covid situation
19 November: Piksel festival, Bergen POSTPONED due to the Covid situation


Produced by RoosnaFlak

Co-produced by Scenekunst Sør, Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava and Dansearena Nord

Supported by Norwegian Arts Council, Agder Fylkeskommune, Kristiansand kommune, and Eesti Kultuurkapital

Source Code

The source code for the sound of the performance is available on our gitlab page.