The Wolf Project



25th of March, 1949: Külli Roosna’s grandmother was deported to Siberia together with tens of thousands of other Estonians. Many didn’t survive the journey. Her memories of this are not somebody’s cleverly written fiction novel, but are personal and very real experiences of living under an oppressive regime.

Can you fight monsters without becoming one yourself? In an age of lone wolf terrorism and the rise of old extremisms in new uniforms, Roosna & Flak reflect on the experience of living under the yoke of totalitarian ideas in an evening-length dance performance.


Choreography and Dance: Külli Roosna and Kenneth Flak
Music: Yann Coppier
Dramaturgical advice: Thomas Falk
Production: Johanna Korgel
Light Design: Thomas Dotzler


Produced by Korzo productions, co-produced by Sõltumatu Tantsu Ühendus

Supported by Norwegian Arts Council, Fund for Sound and Image, Ministerie van OC&W Nederland, Eesti kultuurkapital