Swarm Lake



Swarm Lake - Responsive Body/Responsive Space is a collaboration between dancer Kenneth Flak (Norway) and Külli Roosna (Estonia) with media artist artist Chris Ziegler (Germany) and scientist Daniel Bisig (Switzerland). The aim of the project is to create an evening-length interactive dance performance exploring notions of ecology and interdependence, using the means of spontaneously evolving choreography and electroacoustic music.

The basic premise of Swarmlake is the idea of the body as a fluid system in which the senses and motor functions are interconnected. The act of movement is also an act of perceiving the environment, and the act of perceiving is impossible to separate from the movements of the body in its environment: Movement of the dancers, measured by sensors, organize sound and light in real time through swarm algorithms. The audience is moved in space like a swarm by the algorithmic instructions of the dancers.


Choreography and Dance: Külli Roosna and Kenneth Flak
Direction and Installation: Chris Ziegler
Swarm Algorithms and Video: Daniel Bisig
Music: Kenneth Flak