What does freedom mean when all is linked?
When the space is saturated by stories
asking me to follow
or to be enchanted

Entering into the vortex of the self, not knowing who or what remains
A place where something seemingly solid emerges from a whirlpool of contradictions

Singularity is a solo for Külli Roosna which integrates movement, interactive video, sound and light.

The piece is inspired by the story of Odin hanging from the tree of life for 9 days and 9 nights, sacrificing himself to himself in the search for knowledge, returning from the land of the dead with the technology of writing.

Roosna & Flak deals with questions around the meaning of freedom and interconnectedness; how our perception of reality determines our sense-making and what we consider meaningful.

The imagination space is intertwined with the physical space, where contradicting states and statements are allowed to resonate without a need for resolution.

The audience is invited to witness a dancer, an experiencer, a cyber-shaman, an interactive technology researcher, a storyteller, or an old acquaintance.

The audience is encouraged to make their own sense of what happens in and around them.

Tour Schedule

14-15 October 2022: Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava, Tallinn
17-20 November 2022: Piksel Festival, Bergen (dates to be confirmed)
November 2022: Scenekunst Sør, Kristiansand (dates to be confirmed)


Choreography: Külli Roosna and Kenneth Flak
Performance: Külli Roosna
Music and interactive sound: Mads Kjeldgaard and Kenneth Flak in collaboration with Külli Roosna
Interactive Video: Kenneth Flak in collaboration with Thomas Jourdan
Text: Külli Roosna
Light Design: Kenneth Flak


Produced by Roosna and Flak, co-produced by Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava. Supported by Norwegian Arts Council and Nordic Culture Point