God Studies (2008/2012)



God Studies #3 (solo, 2008)
God Studies #4 (duet, 2012)
Of Gods and Driftwood (2008)

The Norse gods are magnificent, complex and strong characters with very human flaws and shortcomings: Odin, the god who created the world, but does not understand it; Thor, the god that protects humans and gods, but might as well destroy it all with his uncontrollable rage; and Loke, the joker of the mythology: He frequently causes big problems for the gods, but always manages to solve them again by his cunning and intelligence.

This series of performances are Kenneth Flak’s interpretations of this mythological universe, tales of classical superheroes where there is no such thing as absolute good or evil. There are only more or less successful strategies of survival, and, when this is no longer possible: to die in style.