Setting up Overtone with Neovim on Arch Linux

Published on 2022-04-02 by Kenneth Flak

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Install leiningen and rlwrap

sudo pacman -S leiningen

Overtone needs jack_lsp to connect to the jack server. This is a part of the jack-example-tools package.

sudo pacman -S jack-example-tools

Install the conjure and vim-jack-in plugins in nvim. I use packer:

use {
        requires = {
mkdir -p overtone/test
cd overtone/test

Create the file project.clj with the following content:

(defproject overtone-tutorial "1.0.0"
  :dependencies [[overtone/overtone "0.10.3"]]
  :native-path "native"
  :source-paths ["src"])

Create a project file, for example tutorial.clj in nvim. Run :Lein to start the REPL and have it install all the dependencies. This will open a repl-terminal. Leave this and go back to the tutorial.clj. Try typing

(println "Hello World!")

Evaluate by hitting <leader>er. If you get something like this into the log:

; eval (root-form): (println "helloooo")
; (out) Hello World!

you are good!

Boot the server by evaluating:

(use '

Test if you get sound by running:

(demo (sin-osc))